Sunday, 22 April 2012

"The worst thing that can happen is when you give up on yourself"

Thank you sis, for giving me the drive to study once again. You never fail to enlighten me. Thru O's, A's & now uni..

Exams will be over in 8 days! HAHA can you believe that?! I can't! This has got to be the most jam-packed exam. And I'm for once happy that there is no gap days between papers. Cos I can't wait to get started on booking tix for uk & start planning for CSM! ^^

My family had a get-away at mbs ytd! I didnt want to join them at first (since I had paper tdy, yes can you believe it, on a sat?! The sch like to do cruel things to us some times..) but my parents didn't want to leave me home alone cos I was stressing x100000!

I really love it when my entire family is around. I used to take it for granted in the past, but now I know. And the sad thing is every every every time everyone is around, I'm ALWAYS ALWAYS studying for exams. Sigh, sad life of an engineering undergrad.

Haha, look at how happy everyone is! 
HAHA, & can you imagine it is my dad that suggested cam-whoring. 
& there was like this lady standing there taking a video of us :O 
This was the only pic that was "safe" to be uploaded. 

My lil bro is all grown up now!

See, they make me go up to the skypark so I can be the cameraman!

Sissy's attempt at taking arty-farty shot. 

My turn..

We had dinner at Mozza! 
The food was pretty bad that day :( The pizza was really salty.
But the clams were YUMMMMEH! 
We had like 3 plates of this? 


I'm sooo sooo thankful for everything! <3 


The neatest my cupboard has ever been!
Teehee ^^ 
The boyf looking so gd in tux for his performance <3 

I need this! HAHAH!


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