Saturday, 30 June 2012

First Day @ Work

It was my first day at work at The Chocolate Factory. Boy, it was so tiring. I always wanted to try out waitress-ing cos I can't stand bad services. They always say it is due to nasty customers. So far my first day was good, the customers are pretty understanding (for me nt knowing the menu well) && they are ever so friendly (: BUT I'm definitely not working long-term. 5 hours of work & I'm alrdy half-dead.



Thursday, 28 June 2012

Recent Sketches.

Some recent sketches I did..

My fav sketch so far (: 

Love my new markers (: 

I have been visiting quite a number of restaurants/cafes with nic (: 
What not to love about eating?! 
heh :p

And I visited the Theme Park site today with ep & the current TP ics.
It definitely make me miss my TP days with my 2 favourite eps! 
Sigh, those were the days :') Weixiang & Clarissa 

I will be starting work officially at The Chocolate Factory tmr. 
I dont know how I will fair as a waitress. 
Wish me tons of luckkkkkk!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So it's been raining..

and raining and raining for the past couple of days now. Also sometime yesterday I managed to get my ankle twisted while running on the beach. So meh.. time to say hello to staying indoors.

Well while we were out and about today I came up with the brilliant idea that we should get ping pong / table tennis bats and play on the dining table ha ha ha (also since my ankle was feeling better). It got so competitive and intense at some point we decided we needed to make our own net while we were at it! And so we did.. with a pair of chopsticks and some string. Bahaha and we had our very own ping pong tournament at home.. No prizes for guessing who won : p

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Healthier Me.

BB & I has been going crazy about Miley new bod!
We are definitely driven to eat healthier & staying fit, but first thing first we need OUR LOVE FOR FOOD to subside first :/

Love love her sweater!


Monday, 25 June 2012

Impromptu Outing.

Finally the boys from Tango have officially ORD :D And it is a joy to learn that the two boy wont be going to Australia to study (YAY! for the girlfriends, cos LDR gonna be so tough for them). It was a impromptu outing at MBS yesterday. Nic & I was just heading to MBS to meet my sister for a tiny bit, whereas Seb & Carrie were enjoying 3D2N stay there! So they brought us up to skypark & we chill the night away (:

P.S I bump into a girl in town wearing the same top as me. It was so embarrassing :S 
And And the top make me look like I'm neck-less.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fashionable Chinese.

I was really impressed by the amount of effort the people in China put to dress up. Regardless of age, old ladies to little kids dress up! Maybe it was becos I was living in the more "town" area of shanghai, but it truly impressed me that I snapped tons of shots of their outfits (:

My sister suggest I should go make a name-card & start taking outfit shots of people on the streets (sth which my bff think is weird :p hello you gonna have a weird-er bff soon!)

The old lady w a cute maxi.

I really like this combi. Polka Dot & Salmon Pink.

I really like the prints but nt the entire dress tho!

Guys put in a lot of effort to dress up.

Love love this dress! Can you imagine she was spotted in CHINATOWN :O 

The most fashionable kid I ever seen!
Chanel bag?! :O

Love love this combi too!

P.S The boys in Shanghai are really fashionable too!! Too bad I couldnt take most of the snapshot either cos they were walking too fast / that I spot them in a shopping centre so it will be too obvious if I start snapping away. 

Shops display. 
I'm starting to have great <3 for shop display.
I could jus stand infront of a shop & gaze at the display just cos it is sooo beautiful.

*may (:

Thank you shanghai for letting me have such a fantastic time!