Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Short Hiatus.

I was away for a good 9 days for a shopping spree in BKK & then work-trip-slash-shopping-trip in China. I would love to blogged oversea but the internet was slow plus china blocked all blogspot & facebook.

To summarize my trip, I managed to get heaps of stuff from the shopping spree & my great buys has got to be the necklaces of thailand & my floral jacket from Zara. (: I love statement necklaces & getting it at SGD $5 is really a joy (:

I didn't want to return back to spore, and I think God kinda heard my prayer. To my horror, I was stuck in the transit in Thailand (not exactly what I was hoping for when I say that I would love to be stuck in Thailand :/ see don't make silly wishes in the future). What happened was that Tiger Airline (budget airline) does not do transit, becos u have to go through the immigration to then "check-in" to their airline. Since my passport does not allow me to enter Thailand, I was stuck in transit. Couldn't fly out/or get out of the immigration -.-" Thank God my 2nd sis was there to save the day & the-not-so-friendly-China-Eastern counter lady & the ohhhh-so-nice-Tiger-Airline got me a boarding pass. PHEWWWW after a horrifying 3 hours. I had tons of imagination in my mind. Will I be staying for the night? Forever?! Or fly back to myanmar. ALL I HAVE TO BE THANKFUL was that China Eastern made a mistake to even let me onto their flight from Shanghai-BKK, & that I was lucky to be stuck in BKK airport & not SHANGHAI airport. I think no one would have helped me in Shanghai. Anyhow, it is a lesson learnt & I coouldn't be any happier to be back home safe & sound! SINGAPORE I LOVE LOVE YOU!

What did you find? 
Mine is : Love, Broken, Beautiful. 

Happy us queuing to take the plane to BKK!

P.S I'm catching up on my Bloglovin' & I have about 569 unread posts! HAHA, time to clear those up (: shall blog about the trip separately in different entries so it won't be pictures/words overload.


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