Saturday, 9 June 2012

Meet-ups before I fly outta Spore for real!

Finally Toro outing after months! I'm just so glad we still meet up even thought camp was 2 years ago :D We may not be the strongest OG, nor the fastest (all thanks to me -.-) but I'm so thankful to have you guys as my og (: You guys have been amazing throughout sports camp & ever so encouraging. 

& to my buddy Des! You have been soooo soooo amazing, be it in sports camp (running next to me when i was half dead during land ex), accompanying me during Theme Park, my partner for sea activity, helping out w my actual theme park & yet buying me gongcha, and finding the 3 monsters to accompany me throughout my MAE. I seriously would not know what I will do without you in my uni life! Thanks for being such an amazing buddy! (: 

Thats my OG :D 

Meet up at Switch! 


Was the chauffeur for the day! My sis flew into Singapore, change flight & flew out again with her husband to HONG KONG! Sigh, why dont you guys travel 2 weeks later so I can crash the trip again!

Brunch at Prive with Ghui & Fiona! It was amazing, the food, the atmosphere & the company! (: Gonna make Keppel Bay my go-to-place (: Prive is a definitely MUST MUST go to place! The pics turn out soooo well, becos the sun was shining so brightly but yet not that crazy hot! 

The yummylicious sticky date pudding! I'm a bigger lava cake fan but this was yummy. The cake was just moist & the sauce was just the right amount of sweetness. And the ice cream compliment it so well!

I think any Egg Benedict that comes with BACON & HAM is sooo good! The bacon wasn't too crispy (which i like, i hate cripsy bacons), the ham was great & the hollandaise sauce was too die for!  

Sihui, the girl who share my love for fashion <3 

My best buddy in sec3/sec4 <3 

Look at the amazing colours!

2 Keppel Bay Vista  Singapore City 098382
6776 0777


Outfit shot of today! 


Can't believe I'm seriously getting outta Singapore for real! Thailand & CHINAAA here I come :D 

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