Thursday, 14 June 2012

So.. story is I'm trying to stay away from junk food for 30 days and attempt to eat healthy + exercise. I'm just about done with day.. two. I've thought about having snacks only about a hundred times so far ha ha ha. But don't worry I haven't caved. I'm determined to get through this!!! One thing that's not helping though is the fact that I just found this website which imports goodies from the US to Australiaaaaaa (read: salt water taffy, poptarts, etc.) Sigh. I've got to start looking for healthy recipes so I don't die / go off the rails in the process. The recipes I've got lined up so far (well for the short term) are spicy sweet potato hummus and spinach and ricotta cannelloni (ok I'm cheating a bit with the ricotta I know but I'm going to try substitute it with something else).

Owell.. Here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

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