Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dream Home

I'm getting pretty obsessive of getting my own room! I just can't stand the idea of a shared room anymore.. It's funny how there is only 3 of us at home, w 4 rooms to go around but my sister & I are sharing a room.
Silly isn't it? And now I'm having a huge regret for letting the designer decide the fate of my room. Sigh, he did such a bad job! Anyhow, here are some pretty pretty pics of beautiful interiors!

pictures credit to

*may (: 


Photos credit to Shuhan again : p

We successfully made Naan and Butter Chicken (although it was a bit too tangy) for dinner. And ended up playing Raving Rabbids on the Kinect after - so much so that we completely forgot about earth hour. And we kinda accidentally had all the lights on in the house which is pretty much a rare occurrence, whoops! I can't believe I was just meaning to buy candles yesterday and while the whole neighbourhood practically was quiet with their candles, we were jumping up and down tryna squish rabbits and rolling around on the floor avoiding spotlights. Bahahahaha was tres fun though! If only every weekend was this fun. 

Now it's time to get down to finishing my event proposal and nursing the booboo i got from crawling around on the carpet, pfft.

Reminisce. Brisbane 2011

I miss brisbane soooooo much you have no idea! ;( And above all, I miss my bestfriend even more! It has definitely been tough having my bff oversea. No crazy last min meet-up & etc..  Thank god for whatsapp tho, always keeping us up to date w each other's life! I will have no idea how I will survivee w/o it. Cant wait to get back to brisbane to hang out w u twooo! teehee, (if i'm still invited :p)

In the meantime, here are some outdated pictures from brisbane 2011. I love them soooo much that I.NEED to post them up! (I stole some pics from jiaa as well!)

Our havaianas craze!

 I really love how all the pics turn out here <3

 I still rmb how happy I was on my first day! 
I finallllyyyy got to try the pancakes my bff has been gushing over for months!
WEST-END market :D 
 this is 2 cute I need to post it up! 
 Stealing my bff's photography idea! 
Maxi dress! <3 

 Sooo close yet so far! 
The night I will NEVER forget :p

 The most awesome tornando on planet earth!

Chef at work! 
HAHA love this pic cos she is wearing the top that I love most in her wardrobe! 

 Mr. Mrs Chef !
Teehee I'm so sorry I'm such a failure at cooking. 
I promise I will learn how to cook b4 I come over again!

 haha! <3 

 cutest apron!

THE yuummmiest pizza! 

Trying out stick-on nail design! 
The frustration that I went through trying to paste it was totally worth it!
(dont roll ur eyes here bb! :p)

I wont mind having this EVERY brekkie!

THE THE THE THE THE best KFC everrrrr!
Haha, the 3 of us were mad hungry after a day at the water theme park. 
The KFC meal we had in the car was ohhhh so delicious! 

Sigh, I can only watch & take pic :p

beautiful scenery up in Mount Cootha!

Meet up w jeanie <3 
I miss you too Jeanie ! 

The best oysters I have tasted in my life. 
No jokeee! 
It was sooo awesome! 

OH nom nom ^^

 Some day we will visit Europe tgttt! 
Two country down.. many more to gooo! 

Thats all folks! 
Time to get serious & get back to studyinggg!