Wednesday, 30 May 2012


So pretty this prints!

The blazer that I got (:


Whats not to love about moustache ? 
They shld consider making it into a official symbol like the heart shape!


I need/want armswag like that :( someone combine one for me ? 

I cant wait for the day that I become skinny enough to wear bralet! 

Sigh, wish I was the one in the pic. 

The most amazing thing happened today. 
Well, I met up with Gina ytd for tea in Holland Village before she flies to Germany for school trip. 
It was kind of a mini-pre-birthday celebration. Anyhow, we were just talking & sharing all our stories. 
And well what strike us was that we really do miss the past.. Like how people change when time goes by, and how you slowly become distance from people you really wish were still very close to you. 
It was then that really strikes me how I miss sooooo many of my friends (some whom are no longer friends..), and one in particular. To cut the story short, I dream of that friend & even though we could no longer be friends I still wish we were back to the old days & how I wished I could at least wish you Happy Birthday once a year. It has been almost 2 years, but just to let you know I still miss you very much as my best friend (but not how things have turned out to be). 


I would kill for these shorts!!!!! How insanely cute are they?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I think this will be to me what the Arctic Monkeys concert was to my boyfriend bahahahah : B ..just saying.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Will I ever get outta here for a short break?

My new blogger crush! She is so pretty & her clothes are soo amazing!
I'm mad over her purple Chanel as well!

I'm totally in love with this TopMan sweater! 
The only piece left & on sale for $40! 
I was so close to getting it but since Singapore is so madly hot I doubt it will come in handy :(
Sigh, I really need to get outta this sunny island asap 
or I might just explodeeee!

Celebrated my 21st with the Tango gang last week!
Thank you so much for the surprise (:
& the present!
I really love the Camera pouch (:

To the boy, thank you so much!
I sure hope you are enjoying yourself in Italyyyyy (:

Outfit of the day with my tribal print bag!
LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!
& did you notice my Pandora finally has more charm :p
Can't wait to collect moreeeeee!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Make it count.

Oxford Madness.. 

Love love this bra! 

I need legs like this :(

Gorgeous necklace that will look sooo pretty with a plain white tee. 

Birthday present ? Someone? :p

This is life! (: I have a huge fear of taking airplanes!
I have taken at least 50-60 plane rides since I have to travel to & fro from Myanmar when I was young.
If only rides were a little like this, I would jolly well take it! 

I will retire in a little town in europe/australia/usa with a house like this <3 

Peplum skirts is love. 

Whats not to love abt Chanel?

Neon colours & gorgeous collar necklace. 

AHHHHH! Glitter shoes! I need these!!

Denim Shorts!

Sigh, when was it? 
Nah, cant rmb :/

I just realized how I get excited over the little-est things. Just this morning, I was super happy (you can call it cheap thrills) just cos I received ONE comment (for my sketches on my other blog), ONE fb msg from LW asking if I'm a professional photographer (cos I uploaded my pics from the Jay Gee Fashion Show), a few LIKES on instagram & facebook on my sketches, skype session w le bf (he is in ITALY right now) & getting a red packet from my sis & bro-in-law. HAHA.. contented cos I have been overwhelmed by wayyyyyyyy too much disappointment.

pictures from : jerk & jill, tumblr, kryzuy, gary pepper vintage, they all hate us, the blonde salad, wanelo, leeoliveira


Saturday, 26 May 2012


I'm so afraid of going out cos I jus kept spending money so I have been staying home v v often! And I have been diligently improving my portfolio (:

Here are some of the recent sketches... I have uploaded them on maychuaa. but I thought I should still upload it here as well (:

Many thanks to Fabulous Doodles & Paper Fashion who have inspire me sooo much and taught me how to draw the human faces & all <3