Thursday, 17 May 2012

This is it.

I still cant come to terms w what just happened ytd.
I was still trying to hold on to some hope, but I guess this it it.
I have just send out the emails to the school & hostel to cancel everything..
It feels rlly shitty to finally admit to myself that everything I have planned for, for the past year is not gonna happen.

I know it may sound silly to most, but e coming trip really meant a whole whole lot to me.
And it was sth that have been driving me for the past few months, the past few semester.
And it jus vanished.
It sucks to be so close to what you want, only to get hold back by sth that is so ridiculous.

It may seem silly when I look back years on, but it definitely doesnt feel that way right now.
I can't think of a single thing I shld be thankful for, for what just happened.
First, they took away my dreams of becoming a doctor, well now this?


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