Sunday, 27 May 2012

Make it count.

Oxford Madness.. 

Love love this bra! 

I need legs like this :(

Gorgeous necklace that will look sooo pretty with a plain white tee. 

Birthday present ? Someone? :p

This is life! (: I have a huge fear of taking airplanes!
I have taken at least 50-60 plane rides since I have to travel to & fro from Myanmar when I was young.
If only rides were a little like this, I would jolly well take it! 

I will retire in a little town in europe/australia/usa with a house like this <3 

Peplum skirts is love. 

Whats not to love abt Chanel?

Neon colours & gorgeous collar necklace. 

AHHHHH! Glitter shoes! I need these!!

Denim Shorts!

Sigh, when was it? 
Nah, cant rmb :/

I just realized how I get excited over the little-est things. Just this morning, I was super happy (you can call it cheap thrills) just cos I received ONE comment (for my sketches on my other blog), ONE fb msg from LW asking if I'm a professional photographer (cos I uploaded my pics from the Jay Gee Fashion Show), a few LIKES on instagram & facebook on my sketches, skype session w le bf (he is in ITALY right now) & getting a red packet from my sis & bro-in-law. HAHA.. contented cos I have been overwhelmed by wayyyyyyyy too much disappointment.

pictures from : jerk & jill, tumblr, kryzuy, gary pepper vintage, they all hate us, the blonde salad, wanelo, leeoliveira


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