Wednesday, 30 May 2012


So pretty this prints!

The blazer that I got (:


Whats not to love about moustache ? 
They shld consider making it into a official symbol like the heart shape!


I need/want armswag like that :( someone combine one for me ? 

I cant wait for the day that I become skinny enough to wear bralet! 

Sigh, wish I was the one in the pic. 

The most amazing thing happened today. 
Well, I met up with Gina ytd for tea in Holland Village before she flies to Germany for school trip. 
It was kind of a mini-pre-birthday celebration. Anyhow, we were just talking & sharing all our stories. 
And well what strike us was that we really do miss the past.. Like how people change when time goes by, and how you slowly become distance from people you really wish were still very close to you. 
It was then that really strikes me how I miss sooooo many of my friends (some whom are no longer friends..), and one in particular. To cut the story short, I dream of that friend & even though we could no longer be friends I still wish we were back to the old days & how I wished I could at least wish you Happy Birthday once a year. It has been almost 2 years, but just to let you know I still miss you very much as my best friend (but not how things have turned out to be). 



  1. I loved the first bracelet!! Where can you get it??

    1. Hello there (: You can find it on for USD18.95.