Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dinner : Sushi Tei

This is a pretty outdated post. We had a simple dinner at Sushi Tei before mom flew back to Myanmar! So here are the pics (: Since the blog has been pretty gloomy recently, so I thought I will lighten it up with tons of food pics! (:

Le bro & le Mom
Thank you for being there for me thru my exams! 
All e birdnest & all (: thanks!


Mango Lobster Sushi (Cant rmb the exact name :p)

Japanese curry. 

My fav salad allll time w Sushi Tei dressing!
Super yummy! <3 

Cod Fish! 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is too funny and it deserve to be uploaded :p
Andy's attempt to turn my mom to Queen Elizabeth! 

Outfit of the day (:

My armswag (:


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