Sunday, 29 July 2012


I always don't expect to have such a good time with my fam+++ (extended fam) not that I don't like them or whatever - I very much enjoy having them around. But each time we're all together it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, even though most of the time I'm 99% pooped from kid-sitting / playing rugby / swimming with and entertaining  the MacG kiddos. No kidding. Welllll this time it was priddy exciting cuz we went to a rugby game with them - Queensland Reds vs Sharks. Hahaha it was pretty dang useful to have my very own walking and talking rugby encyclopedia sitting beside me cuz my knowledge on rugby was very next to ..zilch. Too bad the Reds lost though.. and we had to leave a couple of minutes early to beat the crowd (and missed a couple of scores in doing so.. booooo!) Anyhooz, now that they're gone and we're a week into a new semester I miss having them around so so much (also miss going to all the yummy food places consecutively hehe) and I really can't wait to see everyone back home in summmmmerrrrrrr~~ So thankful for everyone who comes to visit hehehe makes me a super happy camper!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Saw this youtube video on fb & I tot it was really so sweet <3 <3

Check it out!


Thursday, 12 July 2012


Im definitely not taking this summer for granted. It must be God's plan for london csm 2012 to fail. Maybe I'm supposed to improve so much more before i can study fashion. Whatever it is, please let csm 2013 happen. I cant bear another year of anticipation & disappointment.

I'm so happy & relieved when I was done with this two sketches (: i have been so devastated with all of my drawing outcomes & lack of inspirations. I love what I have done for tnight & I'm definitely going to bed smiling! (:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

: ')

Thank you thank you thank you for these constant little reminders about everything in the worst of times. I cannot possibly be more grateful that I am right now.

Crossing my fingers for now and hoping for the best.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Someone please just hire me already?? I could do with some $$$ right now.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


is one of the worst moments of my life.

Ten seconds of stupidity and it's almost as though I've got myself permanently ditched. Go on.. walk away.

Summer Hols not too bad.

I'm actually quite enjoying my summer holiday. Obviously I still wish I'm there in L. Working part-time  has been quite enjoyable but definitely tiring! I'm trying to improve on my port-folio. Thinking of applying for CSM & Parson. Like for a degree & not just a summer school. lets see how it goes (: 

Here is all my dream bags!
So far 1 down. hahahahah tons to go!

A sketch of one of my outfits!

Heh I really like this draw-string pants but it is too ex :(

Shawn came back to Spore for a short 3 weeks of summer school. We caught up a few times, hahah definitely more times than when he was in Singapore. Hahah kinda funny. This was on thursday, just hours before he fly :( Sigh, I really dont understand why all my close friends has to be oversea :(
bb in aust, shawn in uk, nicole in uk as well (but she is in spore for now). 

We (ghui,shawn,me) had dinner at his house which was so delicious. And dont get me started on his house. It is so massive and beautiful! I wont mind hanging out at his place all the time. We caught Mission Impossible 3 in his theatre room! It was such a good show (: They even have e actor-(hawkeye in the avengers).

My lunch partners in secondary school 3 & 4 ;) 
Sigh, 6 more months b4 we can hang out like this again.

us 3 (:
I was so upset cos I forgot to bring my SD card for my camera. And we had to use lousy Iphone camera. BOOHOO ;( of all days!

Shawn brought us out on a spin in his convertible! 
Boy it was sooo shiok! 
And I like how Shawn always pick me up/send me when we meet. 


heh, my second attempt at drawing tribal prints. 
HEHE, I get so happy whenever the customers praise my nails!
Even male customers noticed it so it is definitely happy happy pill when I work (: 

Overdue pictures of brunch when I met Nicole at Prive. 
I skipped egg bens this time round and decided to go for carbonara. 

I rmb this was really good, cos Nicole wiped out everything.

This was a little too overwhelming for my liking. I only finished half the food!

heh (: love this pic of us
(even tho I look like I'm neckless)

*may (:

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I mucked up sooooo incredibly bad today my face was literally like T.T and it's going to such an expensive mistake to fix. But throughout the whole of today I've been reminded of how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. I'm not even kidding. Yeah I don't have heaps of friends but I'm so thankful for the ones that have stuck by me through time. Two people deserve special mention - my bestfriend and my boyfriend. I really don't know what I would've done without you guys.. calling me all the way from home (while in a queue to for a warehouse sale no less) and practically running to my rescue (my knight in shining armour ha ha ha) Ok no but seriously.. I guess the only thing to do now is to learn from it and not ever do it again. Sighpie bad bad day today but I'm alright. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


It's is GSS in Singapore & I have been really obedient! I tried to stay home but we (the chua family) went shopping on Monday! Boy, the sales was crazy. Especially in Zara, everything was discounted by at least $30 & mind you they were THIS season's stuff! MAD RIGHT?! My floral jacket, neon blazer were all sooo much cheaper & they have my sizes :( sad face! But I managed to get hold of a cute black  shorts & a printed top (: &&& later on at Mango I got a cute leopard prints flats at only $29!

The buy from Zara!

My outfit for shopping day!

Talking about discount & all. My mom & I step in Tory Burch that day & rmb my gold flats ? They were going at $410?! When I got it at only $280 during opening! :O When I asked the staff, they told me that there was some price error previously. CRAZY! I was so upset cos I was looking forward to purchasing the black one, but $410 is just too ex :(

Work at Laurent Bernard has been pretty fun! Though the hours are long & standing for 5 hrs straight is  tiring, I actually do enjoying waitress! Thank God my fellow waitress has been really nice & sweet (: There was a huge misunderstanding ytd tho & I skipped work today! But all is good & I missed a 3-11pm shift! HAHA


Anyhow, spend my evening today with Progs! We had some yummy Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay. I dont know why but I never really try BKT before && it was rlly so good.

Shawn's party before he return back to London!

His super adorable & talkative little cousins!

The result when you pass e camera to a 8 year old! 

4D girls & le SHAUN WAI & debbie's bf!

Ultra family portrait (: 


Hellooooooooo from us on a cold cold (but-I'm-going-to-have-gelato-anyway) winter morning/afternoon! I sneaked the owl toilet rolls onto the top of the door as a mini prank heehee : B On a separate note, the camera needs to be taken out more. Peas.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Sigh. Tdy could have been the start of my Fashion Design course at CSM :(


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Be that way.

You are always friends > family. It has been so many occasion that you have showed this. You know how much I dislike that girl and yet you happily decide to bring her to our house. Yeah I know she is dating your close friend -.- so what, doesnt mean she has to be your close friend. Lets not even mention why you hang out w her when I dislike her. Let me tell you one thing, it has been more than one occasion when I chose you over my friends. Be it losing my close friend in sec sch to you hacking into my msn account to talk to my other friends.. Let's just keep this simple, I hate you becos you are such a hypocrite & becos you always say nasty things abt people & you become WORST than them. The minute I have the power & money, I will make sure I move out of the house & away from you. I feel bad for myself for feeling sorry & guilty for being like a irritating sister all this years when you did so much for my birthday. But you know what? Your kindness for that week is practically pointless when you act like a moron for the rest of the days.

"Sometimes when I shut doesnt mean you are right" =.= precisely what I want to tell you!