Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summer Hols not too bad.

I'm actually quite enjoying my summer holiday. Obviously I still wish I'm there in L. Working part-time  has been quite enjoyable but definitely tiring! I'm trying to improve on my port-folio. Thinking of applying for CSM & Parson. Like for a degree & not just a summer school. lets see how it goes (: 

Here is all my dream bags!
So far 1 down. hahahahah tons to go!

A sketch of one of my outfits!

Heh I really like this draw-string pants but it is too ex :(

Shawn came back to Spore for a short 3 weeks of summer school. We caught up a few times, hahah definitely more times than when he was in Singapore. Hahah kinda funny. This was on thursday, just hours before he fly :( Sigh, I really dont understand why all my close friends has to be oversea :(
bb in aust, shawn in uk, nicole in uk as well (but she is in spore for now). 

We (ghui,shawn,me) had dinner at his house which was so delicious. And dont get me started on his house. It is so massive and beautiful! I wont mind hanging out at his place all the time. We caught Mission Impossible 3 in his theatre room! It was such a good show (: They even have e actor-(hawkeye in the avengers).

My lunch partners in secondary school 3 & 4 ;) 
Sigh, 6 more months b4 we can hang out like this again.

us 3 (:
I was so upset cos I forgot to bring my SD card for my camera. And we had to use lousy Iphone camera. BOOHOO ;( of all days!

Shawn brought us out on a spin in his convertible! 
Boy it was sooo shiok! 
And I like how Shawn always pick me up/send me when we meet. 


heh, my second attempt at drawing tribal prints. 
HEHE, I get so happy whenever the customers praise my nails!
Even male customers noticed it so it is definitely happy happy pill when I work (: 

Overdue pictures of brunch when I met Nicole at Prive. 
I skipped egg bens this time round and decided to go for carbonara. 

I rmb this was really good, cos Nicole wiped out everything.

This was a little too overwhelming for my liking. I only finished half the food!

heh (: love this pic of us
(even tho I look like I'm neckless)

*may (:

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