Sunday, 29 July 2012


I always don't expect to have such a good time with my fam+++ (extended fam) not that I don't like them or whatever - I very much enjoy having them around. But each time we're all together it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, even though most of the time I'm 99% pooped from kid-sitting / playing rugby / swimming with and entertaining  the MacG kiddos. No kidding. Welllll this time it was priddy exciting cuz we went to a rugby game with them - Queensland Reds vs Sharks. Hahaha it was pretty dang useful to have my very own walking and talking rugby encyclopedia sitting beside me cuz my knowledge on rugby was very next to ..zilch. Too bad the Reds lost though.. and we had to leave a couple of minutes early to beat the crowd (and missed a couple of scores in doing so.. booooo!) Anyhooz, now that they're gone and we're a week into a new semester I miss having them around so so much (also miss going to all the yummy food places consecutively hehe) and I really can't wait to see everyone back home in summmmmerrrrrrr~~ So thankful for everyone who comes to visit hehehe makes me a super happy camper!

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