Wednesday, 4 July 2012


It's is GSS in Singapore & I have been really obedient! I tried to stay home but we (the chua family) went shopping on Monday! Boy, the sales was crazy. Especially in Zara, everything was discounted by at least $30 & mind you they were THIS season's stuff! MAD RIGHT?! My floral jacket, neon blazer were all sooo much cheaper & they have my sizes :( sad face! But I managed to get hold of a cute black  shorts & a printed top (: &&& later on at Mango I got a cute leopard prints flats at only $29!

The buy from Zara!

My outfit for shopping day!

Talking about discount & all. My mom & I step in Tory Burch that day & rmb my gold flats ? They were going at $410?! When I got it at only $280 during opening! :O When I asked the staff, they told me that there was some price error previously. CRAZY! I was so upset cos I was looking forward to purchasing the black one, but $410 is just too ex :(

Work at Laurent Bernard has been pretty fun! Though the hours are long & standing for 5 hrs straight is  tiring, I actually do enjoying waitress! Thank God my fellow waitress has been really nice & sweet (: There was a huge misunderstanding ytd tho & I skipped work today! But all is good & I missed a 3-11pm shift! HAHA


Anyhow, spend my evening today with Progs! We had some yummy Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay. I dont know why but I never really try BKT before && it was rlly so good.

Shawn's party before he return back to London!

His super adorable & talkative little cousins!

The result when you pass e camera to a 8 year old! 

4D girls & le SHAUN WAI & debbie's bf!

Ultra family portrait (: 


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