Sunday, 1 July 2012

Be that way.

You are always friends > family. It has been so many occasion that you have showed this. You know how much I dislike that girl and yet you happily decide to bring her to our house. Yeah I know she is dating your close friend -.- so what, doesnt mean she has to be your close friend. Lets not even mention why you hang out w her when I dislike her. Let me tell you one thing, it has been more than one occasion when I chose you over my friends. Be it losing my close friend in sec sch to you hacking into my msn account to talk to my other friends.. Let's just keep this simple, I hate you becos you are such a hypocrite & becos you always say nasty things abt people & you become WORST than them. The minute I have the power & money, I will make sure I move out of the house & away from you. I feel bad for myself for feeling sorry & guilty for being like a irritating sister all this years when you did so much for my birthday. But you know what? Your kindness for that week is practically pointless when you act like a moron for the rest of the days.

"Sometimes when I shut doesnt mean you are right" =.= precisely what I want to tell you!


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