Thursday, 14 February 2013

I am for several reasons anticipating arriving back in the +61.

For starters, I really can't wait to see you and squish you in three weeks worth of embrace right in the arrival hall. I'm also eagerly anticipating (moving in to) the new apartment in an unfamiliar suburb. It's also been far too long that we haven't spent days and nights and days and nights together. I (sort of) miss cooking dinners and then having it in front of the tele watching randoms shows.. or Masterchef. And I really can't wait to snuggle under our pouffy duvets, more so now that there's an actual view. Can't wait to go back to our favourite bagel place (along with our favourite Greek / Vietnamese / Japanese places).

Of course it's not going to be easy leaving everything at home behind - there's really no good in goodbyes. I'm really really reeeeeaallly going to miss Dixie following me all over for one. She's there when I'm down and there when I'm happy. Sometimes she's the perfect lap dog, other times she drives me completely crazy with her incessant barking and stubbornness when it comes to meal time. No one's going to be on the other side of the door once the lift bings, I know she's always on the other side of the door before I even get my key out to open the door. Sigh. She won't be running around madly in circles in front of me from the front door trying to get my attention. I'mma miss you Dixie, but I'll be back before long. Also, within the next however many months I'm going to be in Brissy, I'm going to miss out on heaps of family dinners and birthdays - all the yummy food and the comfort of being around family. I think having family in Oxford, Chengdu and Hong Kong (along with me being in Brissy) has really taught me to treasure times when we're all back in Singapore together because it really hardly ever happens. I'm so thankful my extended family is close, I really can't imagine having it any other way. 

This post has gone across the spectrum from being a happy one to a really meh one. Anyhoos, I've got about three days left here, gonna try make the most of it. Soooo.. laters!