Sunday, 6 May 2012

Post Exam

Heh, I haven really blogged properly since exam ended.
I need to share the happiest news with you guys! I have just gotten a new camera :D
OLYMPUS PEN EP3! I have waited for it for a year alrdy.
So imagine my joy when I went to funan today to buy it.
I took soooo long to decide the colours cos all the 3 colours are so pretty.
I cant wait to get all the leather accessories for it! ^^V

Look out for more pretty pics (: 
Can't wait to bring this baby to london! 

The hols have been great so far (other than the stress from making the visa)
I haven got the chance to meet up with friends yet, cos everyone is flying!
But I had tons & tons of good food + shopping (: 
Retail therapy is really good, but for now I'm so broke! 

Seafood cream pasta from shokudo! SUPER YUMS!

Kimchi fried rice by korean boy! 
HAHA, it taste sooo good!

The max brenner in Singapore is definitely a disappointment compared to Aust! 
Sigh, I ordered extra chocolate to go with my waffles hoping it will taste the same as those in Aust.
I was so wrong :( 
The chocolate was so diluted and bitter. And it cost a whoooping $3 for a tiny cup. 
Definitely not worth the money. 

The little minion that is now hanging in my car (:
It always bring a smile to my face when I see this little thing. 
Nic & me won this over at the $1-pick-a-toy-machine!
We were just trying our luck & like any other time, the toy jus dropped off the hanger. 
& we were like " whats new!" & the most amazing thing happened when the string jus hang onto the hanger :O HAHAHA, such a luckyyyyy day I tell you! 

Dad finally got skype. And he cant STOP skyping every other hour.
You shld see how happy he is! 
He kept scolding us for not creating skype for him earlier :p
who will? I mean he can check on us any time :p

Attended Polar's 21st birthday ytd (:
Sigh, I miss this boy so much! 
We used to be so close in secondary school, like we will hang out every day after school at the volleyball table & all.
We still keep in touch even aft sec sch to meet up for ice cream (along w the vball clique)
until one by one everyone leave for AUSTRALIA :( (hint: jia+jean :p)
Anyhow, I'm just sooooo glad to be invited to the bday party even tho we have drifted miles apart (:
I will definitely put in the extra effort now to stay in touch! 

The prettiest lace shorts EVERRRR from love bonito ! 
HAHA, not sure if I have blogged about it b4 but I'm totes in love with it! 
black for jia & white for me (: 
& did I mention they are sooo cheap! $30 compared to Zara's $89.90!

I have found the perfect coloured jeans (: 
love this jeans to bits! And it even have zip at the ankle! 
Too pretty!

My fav outfit to date! 
Fav blazer + shorts + watch + NECKLACE + BRACELET! (:

Travelogue 2011 : Myanmar

Heart shape sunset..
The town on water! 
Super prettttty place, everywhere we go we have to travel by boat! 
We caught The Avengers the other day! 
& my my my I love this movie to bits & pieces that we are even considering to watch it again! 
It's just tooo awesome! 
Super long fighting scenes + HILARIOUS moments! 
I say you HAVE to catch it! 
I love all the characters in the movie, esp Iron Man! 
He is just too charming! 

My favourite moment in avengers! HAHA, I have never seen an action film that make everyone laugh so hard! 

*may (:

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