Saturday, 26 May 2012

sketches & surprises

I was gonna leave the blogpost abt my birthday gifts to after my birthday so that I can do a proper post, but I'm too excited to share! Coincidentally, the parcel that Jia send arrived ytd while the parcel that I send to her arrive at the same day! So you can imagine two excited girls over skype going crazyyyyyyy! TEEEHEEE thank you soo much for all the birthday gifts bb <3 Sorry it wasnt the same for ur 21st! :/ (heh :p the excuse : I was having my exams :p)

Anyhow, here are the birthday gifts:

Mommy suprised me with a pandora charm after my exams
& then another one for my uk trip (which didnt happen :/)
which isnt what she normally do, so Thank You <3 

Nicole's gift, she got this cos it look a whole lot like the necklace Jia got for me. 

My godsis gave me gift vouchers so I went to get a fashion illustration book  (:

and.... saving the best for the last.. The biggest surprise! 
I just thought no more prezzie since Jia got me a Pandora (luggage charm) 
Thats super early! See this bff is wayyy more excited than me! 
SUPER excited when I saw this! 

HAHAHA, guess not?

Tons of gifts inside! 
& the funniest birthday card!
It actually SINGS okay, but in a "burp-ing" style!

The handphone covers that I wanted from Typo! <3
I'm using the Paris one alrdy!

Nail Polish <3


& last but not least THE BAG THAT I LOVE LOVE LOVE from TYPO! 
Heh thank you  bb <3
I kinda guess she was getting this bag :p 
Cos it isn't her when she suddenly go quiet on something!
Or maybe its the bff telepathy?

Thank you so much bb! You are the best!
Thanks for making me so happy with all the gifts even though you are miles & miles away! 
& when you are so bz with all ur projects!
See you soooooooon in xxxx (hopefully! Uncle Cheh say he will "think" abt it)
Shall not mention any plans for my holiday, later it become unlucky like the UK trip -.-"

Since my dad got a iMac, he has been skype-ing us day & night, and it is sooo hilarious skyping him!
No joke, the conversation always go 
"can you see me? can you?"
"how come I cannot see you"
"can you hear me?"
"Why are you guys laughing?? 
(my sis & I giggling away taking screenshots of my dad's expression)
& I just show my Dad all my sketches today, & I'm just sooo thankful that he likes them all (:
And he even suggested I should try applying e stupid visa again next year. 
Thank you for being soooo supportive Daddy!
Even though I have been sooooo fickle minded in what I want to do with my life. 
Xie Xie Ni Lao Pa. 

That brings me to another point, I just started a new blog. 
I will be posting all my drawings & sketches there so check them out at


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