Monday, 28 May 2012

Will I ever get outta here for a short break?

My new blogger crush! She is so pretty & her clothes are soo amazing!
I'm mad over her purple Chanel as well!

I'm totally in love with this TopMan sweater! 
The only piece left & on sale for $40! 
I was so close to getting it but since Singapore is so madly hot I doubt it will come in handy :(
Sigh, I really need to get outta this sunny island asap 
or I might just explodeeee!

Celebrated my 21st with the Tango gang last week!
Thank you so much for the surprise (:
& the present!
I really love the Camera pouch (:

To the boy, thank you so much!
I sure hope you are enjoying yourself in Italyyyyy (:

Outfit of the day with my tribal print bag!
LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!
& did you notice my Pandora finally has more charm :p
Can't wait to collect moreeeeee!


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