Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh Dear..

I think trying to have a 20 minute nap at 930pm wasn't the best idea.. I ended up sleeping till 1 in the morning. I also had a coffee after getting up because I was so. incredibly. tired. It's now quarter past 4 and I'm done with my work but the problem is that I'm wiiiide awake.

This is not good at all - especially since I've got to be in school at 10 tomorrow morning for a group meeting which could potentially last the whole day. I'm in such a dilemma I can't figure out if I should maximise this new-found awakeness (?) and try make some progress on my essay or if I should put my laptop away and attempt to fall asleep so I'm rested enough for tomorrow. Sigh.. decisions decisions.

I'm sooooo sick of doing research on events and hotels and future trends of the industry and yawnnnn.. Ok I think I'm ready for bed now teehee : B

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