Sunday, 3 June 2012

My 21st.

It has been one of the most amazing birthday to date! I was just expecting a quiet affair since most of my family members are in mym, bffs/ bf are in different parts of the world! (Italy, Australia, England) But I'm soooo soooo thankful for my bff who put tgt not 1 but 2 surprises all e way from Australia! <3 Thank you so much bb! <3 Here is part 2 of my bdayyy, I blogged abt the prezzies in an early entry!

The Surf N Sweat clique along with Weixiang (my ep) came and surprised me at my house at 11pm on 30th (: 
They bought 2 slice of cake to ensure that 1 will be squashed on my face -.-
I will forgive them if they had succeed in the first try but noooo... they took 3 tries! 

To the most awesome eps (: I cant imagine going through Theme Park with people other than them.
They have been truly truly a blessing & I love them so much! They have been a huge part of my uni life that I really can't imagine myself without them! THANK YOU! 
Cant wait for our date the coming week!
Presents from them (: 

To the sister that I always fight with & my roommate for years! Thank you so much! Even though I have been such a monster to you lately (you are too btw :p) you are ever so selfless & you even put in so much trouble preparing for my surprise & even making a video for me! Thank you sis! 

Pasta Brava to celebrate my bday! I have this habit of ONLY going to my fav restaurant for my bday. For years I head to Borgo, but since it has closed now Pasta Brava is my new fav!

My lil bro & my godsis

Parma Ham
Mussel in red wine! This is sooo good! It wasn't in the menu as well, so you have to ask for it.

The baganz team (Wini, Siewsiew, Jace) came & surprised me at the restaurant (:
With my fav flowers in hand, colourful balloons & tons of joyyyyy (:
Thank you so much!

heh, doesnt he look like the old man from UP? 
My all time fav! Seafood pasta on xxx paper! 
It was sooo good!
Kenneth's beef
Andy's squid ink seafood! This was soo good too! It taste a lil creamy! I really like it even tho I'm not a squid ink fan & the portion was really overwhelming! 

Jie Elaine's! I dont know what this is tho :S but it was really good!

Squid Ink risotto! This was a lil too overwhelming! My sister cldnt finish it. So I would recommend u share it! They have really generous portion of seafood! 

The girls that put tgt the bday surprise, from the videos-cupcakes-pictures-postcards-etc...

My initial plan of 'quiet' dinner  w my family.

The lava cake is really really good btw.

Mini celebration for Andy's sweet sixteen (on 24th of May)

The cartoon look soooo alike to Andy!

Uk tour right in Singapore (: They wanted to bring UK to me since I couldnt go!

My cupcakes :D

The bday boy & girl! HAHA, my eyes are so teary cos I jus cried after watching the 2 videos that they prepared! HEH, toucheddddd.

Present from my 3rd sis!

Why pig? Cos my nickname at home is pig! -.-

this is supposed to b a volleyball! If you are wondering!

My fav flower :D


Presents from the fairfield clique (: 

Look so dreammmyy!
A bday party at Ardents Cafe! 

Lennard & I share the same bday!

* may (:

I feel truly truly blessed to have so many surprises & so much love (: Thank you guys! I'm so happy!
This is truly the best bday (: 

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Rd  Singapore 089671
6227 7550 
(Make reservation before going)

Ardent's CafeBar
80 neil road  088842
8611 2481

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