Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fashionable Chinese.

I was really impressed by the amount of effort the people in China put to dress up. Regardless of age, old ladies to little kids dress up! Maybe it was becos I was living in the more "town" area of shanghai, but it truly impressed me that I snapped tons of shots of their outfits (:

My sister suggest I should go make a name-card & start taking outfit shots of people on the streets (sth which my bff think is weird :p hello you gonna have a weird-er bff soon!)

The old lady w a cute maxi.

I really like this combi. Polka Dot & Salmon Pink.

I really like the prints but nt the entire dress tho!

Guys put in a lot of effort to dress up.

Love love this dress! Can you imagine she was spotted in CHINATOWN :O 

The most fashionable kid I ever seen!
Chanel bag?! :O

Love love this combi too!

P.S The boys in Shanghai are really fashionable too!! Too bad I couldnt take most of the snapshot either cos they were walking too fast / that I spot them in a shopping centre so it will be too obvious if I start snapping away. 

Shops display. 
I'm starting to have great <3 for shop display.
I could jus stand infront of a shop & gaze at the display just cos it is sooo beautiful.

*may (:

Thank you shanghai for letting me have such a fantastic time!

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