Tuesday, 5 June 2012

JUNE holiday for real.

heh, finally my June holiday trip is finalized for real. I will be going Thailand from 9-12 June. It was my mom's idea of a "make-up" trip for uk. Well, if you ask me, only Australia can be a "make-up" for the uk trip, other than that nth will. :( After which, I will be meeting my Dad&Sis in China 12-18 June for some business trip! WOOHOOO I'm so excited cos this is the first time I will be going to the land of CHINAAAAAA. I will be allowed to roam around alone myself for a few days! Which is awesomeeee! Never been alone in a foreign land! (so if you have any must-see in Shanghai PLEASE PLEASE let me know )

(Sigh, sometimes it dawn on me so bad that I could be travelling to UK, France & Italy tis month but just cos of the visa..... Oh wells, really need to rant it out somewhere. That thought always come across at least 5 times a day. #emokid)


Leica - Hermes edition! :O

I love guys in Oxfords!
Nic why you no like Oxfords :(

My all-time-fav-blogger. Stylescrapbook!
She is jus sooo amazing! 

I need this tooo!

Too pretty! <3

Need THIS!

You guys probably know my now for my crazy love for celine. 
So I coouldnt control myself & googled the collection for Celine-Fall. 
Here are the shortlisted ones that I'm crazy over! 

Some instagram pics! 


Thats all folks! 

*may (: 

yup i did.

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