Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Staying alive

Haven't posted photos in a while - random shots from over the past couple of months all over the place heh. So bored of being on this study break.. I can't wait to be done with my only exam paper bahaha. I know, I know, I've got it easy this semester yeh.

!!!!!!Tiger cub on a walk at Dreamworld!!!!! I got so incredibly excited!! 

Random miniature effect shot from the balcony of.. well, the dumpster. Ha.

Gorgeous gorgeous sunset from the balcony.. I really need to get better pics this doesn't do it justice.

On a separate note, I've got to quit gobbling down junk food like there's no tomorrow. Time to start watching what I eat otherwise this is neverrrrr gona go anywhere. I'm going to attempt to not eat any junk at all for a month and after that I'mma see how it goes heh. Hellooo oats and fruits and veg and quinoaaaaa, bye bye fat bum!!! I've also got to get the exercise drive back! Running is such a chore now though since I only do it on the treadmill, boohoo. I need to find a nice flat running route around here or it's not going to work out. Meh. Ok wish me luck! Time to hit the sack so that I can at least try to get more than five hours of daylight tomorrow. I'm not loving the darkness of winter.

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