Monday, 30 April 2012


While my bff is in H&M she whatsapps me about something she found. After getting a picture of the said item, the conversation goes like this..

Her: You want? It's rlly cheap!!! $14.90 only!!
Me: Gah!!!! You're tempting me...
Her: Hahahaha I'll give you 5 minutes
Me: If you gave me 0 I'd save some monies.

5 mins later..

Her: Haha $14.90 only. I'm getting it.
Me: Yayyyy! Eh I'm not getting it okay.
Her: What size? (#1 ridiculous response)
Me: EH I'm not getting, don't tempt me.
Her: $14.90 and limited edition. (#2 seriously pushing it)
Me: : (
Her: You sure?????????
Me: YA.. I think so : '(
Her: Alright then.
Me: : ''(
Her: Aiyah you buy this then no more after that.
Me: OMG OMG OKKKKK shit... shit.
Her: Last chance now. Nooooo? Yesssss!!!!!!!! (#3 there's no giving up)
Me: Hahahahah what is this.. sigh. Ok no no no no no no I'm going to save money!!!
Her: Hahahahahahahahahahah $14.90 is half the price

And then she finally relents because her phone is dead. The end.

I think it's got to be at least 10 times a week we have conversations like this.. I'm not even kidding. This is what we put each other through (more often her putting me through it though : p)

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