Tuesday, 3 April 2012

99% of the guys are hot, and the other 1% go to my school

HAHA, sooooo true! If you know me, I would have rant to you a million times of how the boys look in my course. I feel that there is no ugly people, jus lazy ones! I think you don't have to be good looking to be charismatic! But the boys in my school are not pleasant looking, nor do they even put in effort to dress up. I think I can only name you 1 boy who actually put in effort to dress up.. By my school, I mean the mechanical engineering school..

Fra├žaise class today, and I got back my test result. I studied really hard for it. So I wasn't very happy with the result I got, but it wasn't too bad. I'm nervous to bits and pieces for the coming oral exam & I can't wait for it to be over :(

i might get this without the wings..
or this?

need to convert my room into this! <3 cuteee! 

 My current wallpaper! 
They are my favourite couple on TV..


Le Boyfriend has spoken!
He is gonna get me a Pandora charm <3 
Heh, soooo excited, this are the few that I've shortlisted! 
Omg toooo excited!

If you know Jia & me, we both adore Pandora to bits & pieces.
She have tons of charms! I'm still stuck w the first charm that she got for me!

Sigh, my favourite Tiff & Co necklace.
I dont think they are in stock anymore :/

still trying my very best to work towards it.. 

Outfit for French class tdy (:

To end of the post, I CANT WAIT FOR JUNEEEEEEEE!

*may (;

Have a great week everyone! :D

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