Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Keep calm & EXPLODEEEEE!

Today has got to be one of the worst day in awhile :( Mishap one after another.
First, I got lost trying to figure out where was UK visa embassy, and then it have to pour really heavily this morning so I was drenched. After which, the UK embassy dropped the BIGGEST bombshell! They told me I can't enter uk any earlier than 1 week b4 the commence of my course. DAYUM! All my months of planning for my 3 weeks tour jus went down the drain (or so I thought). So... I tried asking the nice ladies behind the counter to check & etc. But their answer were fixed "the decision depend on the officer, and you can only know when you collect ur visa".. 
le sigh, so my fate will only be decided 7 days from now :( 

Anyhow, it didnt occur to me that I can enter thru France (that also depends if they are willing to grant me visa). So all hope is still not yet lost. Fingers xxx! I really want this June trip to happen, it means A WHOLE LOT to me.. 

Okay, so I thought my day cldnt get any worst? BAM! I went to school for an hour meeting. WHICH i thought will be VERY impt -.-, my leader spend an hour deciding the name of my group & product! Horrayyyy... 30 mins drive, about 50km in total for a bloody discussion that can be settled thru skype/whatsapp group chat. 

And soo... I still tot my day cant get any worst. ANOTHER BAM! Receive xtra work from sth I tot will be done longgggggg ago! LE HATE & LE SIGH x10000!

Sigh. I hope my mishap ends here. 
Such a moody day today.. And the weather is not helping! It's so SCORCHING hot. 




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