Friday, 20 April 2012


Oh my gosh.. I'm so relieved (!!!!!!!) to finally be free from assignments at least for a little while. No more late nights, no more having to unwillingly sit myself down for hours on end, no more staring at the screen till my vision goes all blurry, no more paying $3.40/can for energy drinks. Ah, such bliss. The past week has been spent furiously churning out an essay on roles of hotel GM's all because I got mixed up with the deadlines and thought it was actually due next week. Thankfully I found out in time though, or I'd have lost half my grade in a snap.

Now I'm going to indulge this new found liberation and do whatever the hell I please. Come tomorrow morning, it'll be time to start research for another group paper. Pfft.

This has hands down pants down been the worst week I've had in a while. If one more friggin' letter comes in the mail from the Queensland government I think I might faint. Only about a hundred times over. I really don't need / can't afford to have anything more coming from them.

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