Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lesson Learnt

The past few days / hours has been such an emotional ride that I'm starting to think I'm some psycho freak. I can no longer control/surpress my feelings anymore, tears roll down the chin uncontrollably & it is starting to frighten me. I try to keep my thoughts optimistic. But it's hard yknw, when the ONLY thing I'm looking forward to starts diminishing. I know it's my fault & my carelessness that bring me to where I'm now. It is really a huge lesson learnt..

1) Always double check triple check stuff & never skip pointers when I read.
2) Never trust anyone but yourself to do things.
3) Be independent.

I really can't lose this june trip. It meant a lot to me (in fact the most) & I really need this to keep me alive.


God please answer my prayers :(

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