Thursday, 12 April 2012

I feel like I'm trapped in someone else's life.

Get me out of this mess, someone?

I think my love for physics is exponentially decreasing as the day goes by. I'm pretty fond of the idea of quitting school & either start work (yes, i actually rather work!) or take up fashion. I guess I can only blame myself for realizing my passion SOOOOO late in my adulthood. I mean I have always been fond of literature, geography, photography & art. And the only reason why I continue the "Science-stream" was that it was a 'safer' option. I talked to Nicole the other day & I realized how Singaporeans are so afraid to follow their passion/dreams. They are always considering the 'safer' option. Whereas, the westerners are more on about doing what they love..  Being brought up in spore system, sadly I do feel the same way till now.

Dont get me wrong, I do like physics. I just need a longer time to process those data that the teachers throw at me. And sadly, time is wayyyyy limited in uni life. The minute semester start, it's all about studying studying studying.. I don't deny I become slacker this semester, but I jus lost my drive to study when I worked so hard the last two previous semester but my results were pathetic. Never hitting the first class mark.

Well... I will just hang on a little more till CSM. Hopefully, CSM is indeed what I really wanted all along?

Alright, time for pretty pics to brighten up this sad post:

my new favourite fashion icon!

& my new fav arm candy <3 

I need legs like these :( 

This is for us bb <3 TO KILLER BODS :p

We jus bought them on lovebonito <3 
Cant wait for the BO to arrive.

Maybe I shld consider bring in cute Iphone covers? (:
They are too cute & impossible to find in spore 

This is for you, but the whale is a tad too long :S

so cuteeee!

applies to him as well :p



  1. Hi May-

    I hope you are feeling better. It can be so frustrating with school and figuring out your passions in life. I am Chinese but born, grew up and live in the US. I feel both sides. My mom wants me to quickly graduate college and get a "real grown up" job. However, the job market is so sparse and extremely competitive now there isn't much reason to graduate on time or early. Not that I am on time (I am years late, lol!) I still don't even know what my passion is or what I REALLY want to do in life.

    Hopefully you figure out what you really love. Over here in the States many graduate university but do not work in the field of their degree. Even if you graduate with a degree in science you can still work in fashion :) You should do what you love. That is also why I suggest to people to work as many mundane college kid, minimum wage pay jobs. You can get a feel for what you like or don't like early. :)

    Also you posted so many adorable items!!! Next time you should add links! Some things you posted I want!! I love the brown tote bag and the LOVE YOU necklace :)

    Thanks for sharing and good luck! Do what you love♥

    - Josie ::

    1. Hi there Josie!

      Thanks for leaving the comment! (: I'm feeling slightly better, but during exam period everyone jus feel down down down with the tons of things to catch up. But your comment really did cheer me up (:

      I pursue engineering thinking I will like it becos I used to love physics so much but each & every passing day in school I jus feel less & less competent among my peers. My dad wants me to hang in there till graduation, but I felt I could use the 2 years to do sth better..

      Anyhow, I will take note (: And I will definitely add links to the items!

      Hope you are pursuing what you love <3

      Thanks once again!