Thursday, 19 April 2012

22 and Klutzy

Soo a couple of days ago I fell flat on my face while I was walking to the library in school. I have no idea how I managed to trip enough to send all my stuff flying (read: laptop, phone, sweater and bottle). I must've been walking with my eyes shut because when I went by the exact spot yesterday, there was a huge WATCH YOUR STEP painted on the road, in bright yellow no less. Sighpie.. I would've thought that this tripping and falling over business was for when you're younger. But apparently not.. I'm 22 and this klutziness does not seem to be taking itself somewhere else!!

The last time I had a fall this bad and grazed my knee was prolly when I was 13. During PE. Where I tripped over my own foot. Owell.. I'm just hoping that the abrasions and bruises don't take too long to get better. Also am tres heartbroken that my laptop got chipped in the process, sob sob.

Ok time to stop wallowing in self pity. I'm aiming to add another 500 words to my essay before I'm going to let myself get off this chair. Absolutely cannot wait to finally have a breather from this pile of work that I'm practically drowning in neck-deep.

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