Friday, 6 April 2012

Keep Calm & Peace ^.^ V

Keep Calm & Peace, my new motto for now. I nearly went bogus today becos of how unprofessional & annoying someone can be. BUT PEACE! No hatred here, anger will only make me have more winkles! 

I'm tearing my hair out for the coming exam, I'm totally not prepared, I've not done my tutorials.. and yet I'm as calm as anything! Damn, i'm in so much shit.. 

GOOD FRIDAY tmr :D and my ENTIRE family is going to be in town! WOOHOO! Good & Bad.. Parents in town = money to shop, awesome food to eat! = but nagging all day long at home.

Obsession w footwears
I'm totally in love with Chiara Ferragni glitter flats! They are way toooo adorable.
 But sadly, way to expensive for me as well! 
love the contrast of red shoes + black stocking here. 

I'm super in love w this heels now, and every fashion blogger seems to be wearing them.
Sigh, I have such a fat feet, that this kinda heels doesnt compliment me at all. 

Cant go wrong w glitter shoes <3 


MAD LOVE for this shoes <3 

My current fav pair of wedges! 
They are really comfy & beautiful!

Which colour is ur fav? 
I will go with the maroon, mint, salmon pink.. ahhh too many! 

*may (: 

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