Monday, 9 April 2012

Ghui's 'Animal-Prints' 21st

I hope everyone had a happy easter sunday! I definitely enjoyed myself today, despite the fact that I did little or no work! We attended ghui's 21st at Fort Canning - White Studio! It was magnificent! Her family + Edwin + her put in heaps of effort for the preparation of the birthday. They painstaking cut out all the animal cartoons which was pasted all over the room (of which I thought was the wallpaper ! :p) & they printed out cute clip art for us to take pics with! And the buffet was amazing as well, the nachos were wayyy better than those we have at the cinema & the pasta was oh nom nom ^^ I'm sure everyone had tons of fun, cos I definitely did!

I miss the girls soo much! It was definitely awesome catching up with Shu, Ghui & Sihui again (: & of cos getting entertained by the boys! I'm so thankful that the tons of 21st birthday this year have bring me closer to the boys, cos I never met them since sec sch ended (guilty as charged :S )!

Anyhow, I will let the pics do the talking <3 <3 

 Caleb & the lovebirds! 
They sang sooooo well! 
Thats Wilson on the left, my oldest friend! I knew him since primary 1! HAHA!

 Oh nom nom ^^ Super yummy Island Creamery cake! 

I love how this pic turned out! Cos it was definitely bright, but the focus on the brightness of the candles dimed the entire picture! Perfect <3 (: 

 Fairfield Clique <3 <3

Pictures from ghui's friend. 
Sammmsation Productions.
It's really cool becos his dslr was a fisheye effect! 

 All of ghui's friend!
 Fairfield Clique
 Birthday girl :D
Dont they look super compatible?!
The photographer (:

Featuring : SIHUI <3 

* MAY (:

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