Monday, 16 April 2012

Ok hello.. I've been meaning to blog about so many things for the longest time - but I think all the assignments and school work I'm having to do has killed whatever interest I had in writing. Anyway I'm back now.. but I think I've kinda forgotten everything I wanted to blog about, whoops! Let's see..

Going as far back as I can remember.. we made this for dinner one night (I can't even remember which). But it was gooooooood. So good that it was even worth all the time spent cutting the potatoes into fry-sized strips and measuring out all the ingredients (which I had help doing : p). Point of this - recipe is a keeper! I'm definitely going to be making it again, some time soon I hope!

And then another night we went all the way to Just Poppy's for dinner. The burgers were soo good (pardon me.. I'm starting to sound like a glutton I know) but they really were good! The last time we were there I shared a burger with jh and was so stuffed after. Don't ask me how I managed to finish an entire one on my own this time : p 

I really don't remember anything else that happened this week.. Quite ironically, I spent most of the week in school working on the annotated bibliography that was due this morning. Huge sigh of relief that that's finally over and done with. Time to start working on my next write up that's due on Friday, ughhhh.

Also also, I'm such a dimwit because I took forever to decide on buying these while they were on 50% sale. I was beating myself up about it for about a week before I finally found enough reason within me to purchase them. But damn it seriously, my luck is so awesome - right after I decided, I realised they were back to being full priced. Pfffft. 

Ok time to stop getting distracted now. I've got about 3 hours left to work on my assignment before it's time to go so I'd better hurrry (I accidentally typed berry - better + hurry) bahaha. 


  1. i can comment as pork&greens!! jia, EAT MORE is the way to go ha ha

  2. w00h00 hello porkandgreens!!! am eating A LOT nowadays ok. gna be sooooo fat by the time i go home : '(