Thursday, 22 March 2012

Next time

Can I have a pretty pastel pink fridge like this?

Or a nice (..I don't know if it's considered a skylight if the whole ceiling's glass) roof like this?

Or nice drapey lights like this?

Seems like I might just have quite the mish-mash of a house in the future, when I finally have enough monies to get my own place of course. I'm suuuuuper loving the pastel pink fridge! Even though I'm prrrrretty sure le boyfriend isn't even going to consider the option of having one. Meh. 

Right now though, it needs to stop raining outside so I can go to Coles to get some milk. I'm going to attempt to make sticky buns! ..Or Cinnamon Rolls as they are more boringly called. 

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