Tuesday, 27 March 2012

j'aime la mode

My timetable for this year has got to be the most well-planned of all the past semester! We cramped all our tutorials on monday, thursday & friday. Since the 4 of us do online lectures for ALL modules, we pretty much just goes to school for lab, tutorials, drawing class (yes! engine have drawing class too!) & tech comm (the class that i DREAD the most). So anyway, my point is that EVERY-week while the 3 monsters (thats what I call my coursemates) are home studying, I travel all the way to school for just one & half hour of French class. That is how much I enjoy learning this language (:

Anyhow, here is what I wore for French class today (:

<3 this necklace so much! 

the lace-details of my shorts!

& YAY! did shatters for my nails! 
I realized its the FASTEST & easiest way to having a beautiful nails!

*may (:

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  1. beautiful outfit !!

    follow your !!!

    Marina ,