Saturday, 24 March 2012

FEVER friday

What a way to spend my friday... I was down with a fever! thanks to the crazy weather in Singapore + the ultra cold classroom. I was shivering like mad after class, and within 10 mins I was having fever and headaches. Thank God I managed to survive the long drive home from NTU.

After popping about 3 panadol, I was pretty alright to attend Max&Hailing's wedding :D But we didn't bring DSLR so i didnt managed to snap pics of the happy couple :/ nor the wedding pics! 
She look sooo beautiful, and stunning last night <3 ! 

Her wedding reception was really cool, they have photo booth for the guest.

Super cute accessories to play w! 

 yummy cupcakes!

BAGANZ team! 


My week thru instagrammm..

Check out the cute fluffy thing over my steering wheel! 

The super ultra yummy pad thai from velocity


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