Friday, 30 March 2012

crazy week

It has been a crazy week of school! French quiz + Tech comm presentation. I nearly went nuts! It definitely doesnt help that I'm having one of the craziest cold sores outbreak. On top of the virus infection, I've having bacteria infection on my lips as well :( Sigh, but all is good now all thanks to the medicine. My lips are healing & I can FINALLY see my lips.

The tech comm presentation today was disastrous. My groupmates (aka. monsters) did a great job, except for me tho. We made the class laughed & my tutor liked out Prezi (: which was great! Now lets see what grade I get! Fingers xxx.

Money is flying outta my wallet every other week. 21st birthdays are a pain in the ass if you ask me. Every single friend, close or not are having their birthday parties! And it isn't nice if you didnt get them a present when they invite you. It's definitely not fun paying for 4-5 presents a month. SIGH. It sucks cos I'm trying to save up for my uk trip but so far the piggy bank is empty!

Anywho, we celebrated Chester's birthday today (: He is one of my closest friend in hci. It was great, to have a break of school work and all that shit. It's really fun hanging out, laughin away & not worrying about anything.


sigh, this was sold out 2 mins aft the launch ;( 

This is what I wore for presentation todayyy!


Au Revoir!
Have a great weekend everyone <3


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