Friday, 23 March 2012

Jay Geeeeee

Helloooo! You guys have no idea how excited I was when Jia & I was starting this new blog (: We are so happy we have moved to blogspot. We LOVE the new blogskin. Yeah we know it's nothing dramatic but it has been what we wanted all along. Simple! We have stick around on lj for about 4 years? So it's really refreshing to blog from a new site! (:

I was thinking what better way to start a new blog entry than an EXCITING story to share! Nicholas & me was invited to Jay Gee Fashion Show today at Ion! It showcase outfits from AĆ©ropostale, dENiZENTM, Dockers®, Levi's®, New Look and T.M.Lewin.It was fantastic! I really love the show to bits & pieces! My only complain is the outdoor concept! I think I nearly died in the heat with my blazer! And I took 1000+ pictures, it's pretty crazy! I have about 150+ after editing & vetting! Oh myyy! I think I will just post the looks that I like the most so as not to bore you guys with pictures after pictures!

Alright.. Time for pictures (:

Teehee ^^! Star stuck ttm! 
(Spore famous DJ!)
Rozz is really sweet! She tried to do small talks while taking picture w me! 

Haha, my partner-in-crime!

Rozz looking ever so cool!
It's funny cos they didnt tell her it's a garden-party concept, so she say she look kinda out of place.

Sheila Sim! Singapore TOP model!
She is so photogenic it's nearly impossible to cut down on her pic! 

I really like this pic! (:

He's so cool! love this look so much! 
Denim + boy + sunglasses = PERFECT

Ouuu.. sexy

Nic say she looks a lot like Megan Fox! 
Do you think so?

sigh, so cool!
This look is sooooo cute!

Dont you think he give you this vampire vibe? 
I couldnt use flash on him, cos his skin jus become WHITE!

The ONLY asian male model! 
I can't put the name to it, it look wayyyy to familiar but I dont know which brand he modelled for.
Calvin Klein?

Check out those shorts! <3

2nd most fav eyecandy. 
But check out those ear-rings on his right ears.

Geeky kinda cute!

Cullen family?

Boy next door!


There is just sth soooo charming about guys in blazer..
Don't you think he look like the actor from social network?

I love her floral pants sooo much! 

Strip shorts <3 

The other asian model other than Sheila.

Check out those endless legs! :O

SHE IS SOOOOOO SEXY in this outfit!

Charismatic no? 
Our first reaction of him was that he isn't handsome. 
But the more we look at him, the more charimatic he gets!


teehee will end the post w my fav model :p
& my fav pic of him!

It was an eye-opener & definitely a privilege to attend a fashion show (:
I really can't wait to plan my own one in July when I'm over in CSM!

Alright, time to sleep! 
Another long day to battle.
I hope everyone is having a good week! 

*May (:

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