Saturday, 31 March 2012

Reminisce. Brisbane 2011

I miss brisbane soooooo much you have no idea! ;( And above all, I miss my bestfriend even more! It has definitely been tough having my bff oversea. No crazy last min meet-up & etc..  Thank god for whatsapp tho, always keeping us up to date w each other's life! I will have no idea how I will survivee w/o it. Cant wait to get back to brisbane to hang out w u twooo! teehee, (if i'm still invited :p)

In the meantime, here are some outdated pictures from brisbane 2011. I love them soooo much that I.NEED to post them up! (I stole some pics from jiaa as well!)

Our havaianas craze!

 I really love how all the pics turn out here <3

 I still rmb how happy I was on my first day! 
I finallllyyyy got to try the pancakes my bff has been gushing over for months!
WEST-END market :D 
 this is 2 cute I need to post it up! 
 Stealing my bff's photography idea! 
Maxi dress! <3 

 Sooo close yet so far! 
The night I will NEVER forget :p

 The most awesome tornando on planet earth!

Chef at work! 
HAHA love this pic cos she is wearing the top that I love most in her wardrobe! 

 Mr. Mrs Chef !
Teehee I'm so sorry I'm such a failure at cooking. 
I promise I will learn how to cook b4 I come over again!

 haha! <3 

 cutest apron!

THE yuummmiest pizza! 

Trying out stick-on nail design! 
The frustration that I went through trying to paste it was totally worth it!
(dont roll ur eyes here bb! :p)

I wont mind having this EVERY brekkie!

THE THE THE THE THE best KFC everrrrr!
Haha, the 3 of us were mad hungry after a day at the water theme park. 
The KFC meal we had in the car was ohhhh so delicious! 

Sigh, I can only watch & take pic :p

beautiful scenery up in Mount Cootha!

Meet up w jeanie <3 
I miss you too Jeanie ! 

The best oysters I have tasted in my life. 
No jokeee! 
It was sooo awesome! 

OH nom nom ^^

 Some day we will visit Europe tgttt! 
Two country down.. many more to gooo! 

Thats all folks! 
Time to get serious & get back to studyinggg! 


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