Friday, 31 August 2012

Won't you fly far off and never come back

So so so hard to find the perfect denim... well and at a reasonable price that's within my budget of course! If I had unlimited monies I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have half the trouble I'm having right now. That and if I had legs that looked remotely like those in the photos above.. yeah, that'd make my life heaps easier hah! 

Right now, my essay on gaming beckons.. brb.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Getting Old..

It's funny how I'm starting to feel the "generation gap" with the youngsters. I know I'm not very old at 21 years old, but there is a huge difference between the little kiddo at work & me. Alright, they are all about 17-19yrs old, not a huge generation gap but sooooo many things I can't really relate to them. For example, 1 girl was telling me how jealous (she couldnt stop talking abt it for more than an hr!) she is that the crush (she is texting- whom she only know for 4 days) told her that the Korean Girl at his work place is so cute. WOW those feel sooooo "secondary-school" days to me, and thats like almost 6-8 yrs ago :O :O

HEH, my favourite app of the month/year!
This moleskin-alike sketch book on ipad has been such a joy to play around with. 
Now I can sketch on the go (: WOOLALALA (:
Even though I paid a large price for this app, I really think it's worth it!

Look what came in the mail today! 
YAYYY :D ombre pink iphone cover & the cute blue cover!
Can't wait to stud them when the ebay purchase arrives!



P.S Just like Jia every time I have submission/tutorial to do, internet seem extraaaaa interesting!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

As usual.. when it comes to the season of essays I usually get distracted on the internet actually I get distracted by everything and anything.. not just on the internet. I've recently gotten addicted to Tumblr again, so here goes..

I love love love this kitchen and bathroom.. don't ask me how they're ever going to be in the same apartment. Can't wait to move into our own home in the future. Right now I've got about a gazillion ideas about what I want the space to look like if everything gets squished into one apartment it's going to be a huge mishmash of all things crazy. I'm just crossing my fingers that I live in a nice little lofty apartment preferably with a quaint little coffee shop round the corner. Also I would love love love to have Dixie living with me along with a couple of fat and friendly french and english bulldogs. My life will be complete : )

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Da Paolo.

A few weeks back, Nic and me were being really adventurous & decided to head to Da Paolo at Rochestor Park. I was having a huge cravings for crab pasta the before & I googled for nice pasta around his school. *SLURPS. It was definitely a great trip. I loveeeee my pasta & dessert but Nic disliked his aglio olio. The food there is a tad too overpriced & the portion of my pasta is so tiny! It is almost half the portion of pasta I get at other restaurant.

 This cause a whooppping $26 for a tiny tiny portion.



For today I really want to share stories at work. When I was looking for a part time job, I was hoping that I get a f&b job. It was because I always cant stand it when I get bad services at restaurants & cafes. Hence, I really wanted to experience waitressing. Let me tell you, it's no easy job! It is tremendously tiring. The pay for me is good, but it cant be said the same for the full-timers. They have to work long hours (without sitting down) & the pay is really bad. In addition, some cafes dont pay their full timer waitress OT pay, so I dont see why they should hang around & work additional hours. At times, the customers can really really really annoying & cranky. They can be super sarcastic & impatient too.

BUTTTTT let me stress this, no matter how tired I m, I have never been bitchy/rude to any customers. So I really still think bad services can't be tolerated. However, getting orders wrong sometimes is not the waitress fault as there are bound to have miscommunication between them & the kitchen.

So far working life has been really tiring but rewarding at the same time. I made a few friends with some of the customers. There was even once where the caucasian customer tip me personally for my good service! ^^ it was definitely a good feeling.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Little Black Dress.

I have been hunting for the perfect little black dress for the coming sports ball. But I found heaps of things to buy just not the LBD. Anyhow, this cheap sweaters in H&M caught my eyes & they came in 4 colours. You won't believe it, I actually bought 2 of it, even though the weather in spore is SCORCHING hot. I now have a column on my cupboard specially dedicated to sweaters :/ 
Thats how mad I'm about winter wear.

Guess which 2 I bought?
"The biggest dilemma this week."


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Everything she just said below minus the parts about the weather always being around 10deg and wishing I was a designer hahah everything else I also want!!!! Owell.. one can always dream.

Some outfit pics to add to the collection..

Miley, Miranda and Blake Lively have got to be my three favourite at the moment. Absolutely cannot stop looking at photos of them!!! Looking at Miley just makes me wana run and run and run and run so I can at least remotely look like her - not to mention grow my hair out so I get a nice bun too!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fashion Blogs.

I should ban myself from reading fashion blogs soon. It is bad for my health!

Every time I read those fashion blogs:
- I start to yearn for things I cant afford
- I wish I was travelling the world
- I wish Singapore weather was at least 10 degree plus so I would be ALWAYS decked in blazers/trenchcoat.
- I wish I am a size uk 4 / uk 6
- I wish I am a designer.

Blah Blah Blah and the list goes on..

My Idol...



My life is pretty much disoriented after the sports camp! I know it has been more than a month but I have not "settle" in & have a proper "timetable" to follow. School has started for about a week & I must say I'm enjoying/suffering in year 3 life.
6 projects, multiple quizzes & 3 homework submissions....  & 2 main modules that are heavily project based of which im all alone for the tutorial classes. HORRAY!
The only upside to this mess? I've a new "classmate" Adam to pull me through the semester, who is also applying to go CHINA WORK & STUDY with me (: He has been such a blessing to me. I know the monsters have been all so nice&sweet (and also HORRIBLE&EVIL) but I just need a change of environment for year 3 life. I've also the cutest programmer junior to be my elective-mate (: HOORAYYYY!

I'm gonna be a changed woman this semester :P (I PROMISE!), gonna prepare my tutorials for week 1 onwards & no more procrastinating! (: I'm even gonna juggle work, hoping that I can work better when I'm bz lets just see. I have heaps of pictures to share, food adventure, multiple multiple farewells at the airport, meet-ups..gosh this summer has been quite a good one actually!

Alright, till the next time peeps! CYA!


Wednesday, 8 August 2012


almost feels like this blog is deserted after our unintentional hiatus.. Actually I'm not even sure if this drought of posts is over yet ha!

Anyway.. here's something I'm lusting for at the moment. I've clearly got a soft spot for super simple plain jewellery (plus point if it's tiny). Too bad I'm still waiting for heaps of stuff to arrive in the mail and not to mention I'm supposed to be saving up (I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be saving for cuz there's about a gazillion things on the list of what I want / want to do at the moment). Ok I'll save the chatter and post what I was here for.. this. It's sooooo priddy it could possibly make me dizzzzzyyy~~