Sunday, 26 August 2012

As usual.. when it comes to the season of essays I usually get distracted on the internet actually I get distracted by everything and anything.. not just on the internet. I've recently gotten addicted to Tumblr again, so here goes..

I love love love this kitchen and bathroom.. don't ask me how they're ever going to be in the same apartment. Can't wait to move into our own home in the future. Right now I've got about a gazillion ideas about what I want the space to look like if everything gets squished into one apartment it's going to be a huge mishmash of all things crazy. I'm just crossing my fingers that I live in a nice little lofty apartment preferably with a quaint little coffee shop round the corner. Also I would love love love to have Dixie living with me along with a couple of fat and friendly french and english bulldogs. My life will be complete : )

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