Sunday, 19 August 2012


My life is pretty much disoriented after the sports camp! I know it has been more than a month but I have not "settle" in & have a proper "timetable" to follow. School has started for about a week & I must say I'm enjoying/suffering in year 3 life.
6 projects, multiple quizzes & 3 homework submissions....  & 2 main modules that are heavily project based of which im all alone for the tutorial classes. HORRAY!
The only upside to this mess? I've a new "classmate" Adam to pull me through the semester, who is also applying to go CHINA WORK & STUDY with me (: He has been such a blessing to me. I know the monsters have been all so nice&sweet (and also HORRIBLE&EVIL) but I just need a change of environment for year 3 life. I've also the cutest programmer junior to be my elective-mate (: HOORAYYYY!

I'm gonna be a changed woman this semester :P (I PROMISE!), gonna prepare my tutorials for week 1 onwards & no more procrastinating! (: I'm even gonna juggle work, hoping that I can work better when I'm bz lets just see. I have heaps of pictures to share, food adventure, multiple multiple farewells at the airport, meet-ups..gosh this summer has been quite a good one actually!

Alright, till the next time peeps! CYA!


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