Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Getting Old..

It's funny how I'm starting to feel the "generation gap" with the youngsters. I know I'm not very old at 21 years old, but there is a huge difference between the little kiddo at work & me. Alright, they are all about 17-19yrs old, not a huge generation gap but sooooo many things I can't really relate to them. For example, 1 girl was telling me how jealous (she couldnt stop talking abt it for more than an hr!) she is that the crush (she is texting- whom she only know for 4 days) told her that the Korean Girl at his work place is so cute. WOW those feel sooooo "secondary-school" days to me, and thats like almost 6-8 yrs ago :O :O

HEH, my favourite app of the month/year!
This moleskin-alike sketch book on ipad has been such a joy to play around with. 
Now I can sketch on the go (: WOOLALALA (:
Even though I paid a large price for this app, I really think it's worth it!

Look what came in the mail today! 
YAYYY :D ombre pink iphone cover & the cute blue cover!
Can't wait to stud them when the ebay purchase arrives!



P.S Just like Jia every time I have submission/tutorial to do, internet seem extraaaaa interesting!

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