Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Last night.

Last night was bad, horrible & disastrous. 
The amount of trust that we have built, came tumbling down.
 The wounds that is slowly trying to heal, opened up.
The tears that have dried, came streaming down once again. 
I know it was just a small incident, and I shouldn't look so much into it. 

God give me strength to let the wounds heal once again.... 

why dont I look half as cool with knit top & jeans :S 

On a happier note, the lovely bracelets from bb arrived <3 
&&& I had progs dinner with my fav proggie (: 

I know what I felt could possibly just be 10% of what you felt in J2. 
As much as you lost a close friend, I lost one too.

P.S It has been almost 2 years, it's time you move away bitch.

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