Saturday, 29 September 2012

Byron Bay '12

 Here's the photolog of our trip to Byron Bay during the mid semester break. The beach which was about a 100m walk through some plantation in itself made the trip completely worthwhile. It was nice and quiet unlike  Surfers' Paradise and Noosa which are both terrible places to go to for tranquility. Thank goodness we ended up getting perfect weather - contrary to the weather forecast. Phew.

In the morning we decided to go to the beach again for a little bit before going up to the lighthouse. I swear I thought it was going to be boring or just not that fantastic really. And well.. the lighthouse wasn't all that interesting but the view from up there was beyond breathtaking. I'm not even kidding - the whole time I was so so so happy up there (even though we had to brisk walk up before that 'cuz there weren't any parking lots up there) and yeah well.. I would've just kicked myself soooooooo hard if I didn't go!

Two adventures in one week hey.. they really need to give us more time off school : )

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