Saturday, 15 September 2012


Guess God have other plans for me. A's appeal wasn't successful, so our china survival plan failed. But I'm definitely coming to terms with it. Somehow, the second blow was alright. I'm sure God have other reasons for this arrangement. 

Stopping work for this week wasn't a smart choice. I'm starting to fall behind on my work. I'm no longer efficient & starting to procrastinate a lot more. So I guess being busy REALLY REALLY make me more efficient. What kinda weird theory is that? But I'm definitely not complaining, more money, more work done. It sound like a perfect plan so far (: 

(Sigh. I dont know why this days things have been so nasty & irritating. I reflect on a daily basis if it was largely my fault. But it takes 2 hands to clap, I'm sure some of the reasons point back to you too. Sometimes you need to be less stubborn, you need to let me know how you feel & it's definitely time for you to give in to me. I'm sick of being the one apologizing first.)

On a really really random note, our year 3 lecture hall got burnt down!!! Definitely not a good thing to happen to us! Out of ALLLLLL the lecture hall in school, I dont know why it has to be OUR lecture hall. Running from one end of school to another end, twice a day within 5 minutes is definitely not the form of exercise I'm looking at. 

Celine Nano baby <3 <3 

Somehow I always have a weakness for anything nautical!

The new up and coming trend! Ombreeeeee! 

Sweaters sweaters! I love sweaters to no end! If only I'm living in a country w 4 seasons!

Printed tee! THE fashion trend for NYFW (: 

Love tweed material, but my bff think it's auntie :p

(: one of my fav bloggers!
Another know where to find cute necklaces like hers?!
So pretty & tiny. LOVE!

Amazing illustration by my fav's! 

*MAY (:

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