Sunday, 28 September 2014

How to plan your trip - Europe

It been ages since the last time I blogged. I tell myself that I would blog throughout my entire Europe trip so that I could remember my trip better. But laziness & the lack of wifi, this task of my didn't come true. Instead I kept a physical diary to jot down my memories which would be a better for keepsake in the future.

It took me close to 2 months to plan my first trip to Europe. 30 days journey where I was on my own for 2/3 of it (20days that is !) I got tons of information & sources from all over the internet & took me forever to filter through them. I thought I would like to "return" to the community by blogging of my experiences & tips (where to eat, how to plan your itineraries & accommodation)

First most, I will start with "how to plan your trip"

Well, this part took me ages. I didn't know which cities to visit (yea I know the famous ones like Paris, Milan, Rome & Berlin) but others were pretty foreign in the sense that I didn't really know geographically where they were & etc. Hence, GOOGLE  + map, definitely your best friend when you are planning. Its important to ensure your journey flows, so that you don't have to make long journeys which are waste of time & energy. And just google the "name of the city + attractions" to see what catches your eye then jot down the city.

Also, I used Google Engine for my planning stage as the "drop pins" provide me with better visuals such as, where to book my hostels & how many days I would need to cater to visit the attractions.

The cities that I have decide to travel were:
  1. Milan (2 days)
  2. Venice (2 days - I did wish I had 1 more day)
  3. Florence (3 days - perfect!)
  4. Rome (4 days - WAYYY too many, I think 2 - 3 days is more than sufficient)
  5. Munich (3 days - I did wish I had 1 more day, its a beautiful & relaxing city)
  6. Prague (3 days - perfect!)
  7. Berlin (3 days - WAYYY too little, there are heaps of things to do in Berlin. In my opinion 5 days would be alright)
  8. Amsterdam (2 days - perfect!)
  9. Brussels (3 days - perfect!) 
  10. Paris (5 days - perfect for me!)
So here is a better visual of my journey (well I have started my journey from Rome but air tickets from Singapore to Milan were heaps cheaper) 

Here more choices for you guys

P.S For first timer, I would suggest you skip the "more dangerous" cities. Better to have a good impression of Europe on your first trip so you would want to return again. 


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